3GEN PDLC Смарт пленка S-FILM рулон (Белая)

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Smart Film

Smart Film is a window cover technology. It’s like a curtain, but it doesn’t hang in front of your window. Instead it applies directly to glass. It allows glass to be transparent. It allows glass to be opaque. It lets light through. Smart Film is the modern curtain. One focussed on privacy. One focussed on saving energy. One available at the push of a button.

Smart film benefits as rear projection film

  • Privacy
  • Energy savings
  • Drawing attention for AD (Tradeshow Booths, Bars, Clubs, ect)
  • Self-adhesive film+glass =  Rear projection film displays (when frosted)
  • Holographic film displays (when transparent)
  • Custom sizes available on request


PDLC film, whose light scattering power is adjustable through applying an electric field. When powe off, visible light scatters through the PDLC and the film turn opaque; when power on, visible light transmit the PDLC and the film turns clear. The film composed of PET film, ITO film, polymer and liquid crystal molecules.

PDLC Smart film structure

Self-adhesive film

PDLC Film (self-adhesive) is an intelligent film which provides a simple and cost effective alternative to Switchable Film technology. It is manufactured with self-adhesive cling layer on one side (peel and stick) which can be directly sticked to the existing glass and switch from transparent to opaque instantaneously under electricity application. It can meet the double requirements of glass on penetrability and privacy protection; smart glass can also be converted into a highly demanded rear projection screen with incredible image quality due to its liquid crystal properties which give high contrast features. It's unreacheble functions of today which make it very popular.

Non-adhesive film

Non-adhesive PDLC film  is designed without self-adhesive cling layer and is used for production of smart glass.

Smart Glass

Smart glass, switchable glass, magic glass, or PDLC glass, also called smart windows or switchable windows in its application to windows or skylights, refers to electrically switchable glass or glazing which changes light transmission properties when voltage is applied.

When the power is off, the liquid crystal molecules of the PDLC film are randomly oriented that scatters incident light and the smart glass becomes opaque or translucent. And when electricity is applied, the liquid crystal molecules line up, the incident light passes through, and the smart glass becomes transparent.

Smart Film Applications:

  • Office partition
  • Bathrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Hospital/Clinics
  • Luxury Villa/Private room
  • Optical shutters
  • Security windows
  • Skylights
  • Airport
  • Hotel & Resturant
  • Trains & Bus
  • Monitoring room / inquiry room of police station, court, prison
  • Jewelry shop, museum, automatic equipment
  • Large-scale projection screens
  • Retail & Show room

Smart Building:

S-film can be applied in French windows, large doors and windows, glass patio, glass drywalls of buildings. The shading effects of S-film can be controlled by the temperature regulation of the central system to reduce indoor temperatures and retain sufficient brightness. S-film can effectively reject up to 70% of the total solar energy in the opaque state.

Smart home:

Combined with glass tables, chairs, interior drywalls, wardrobes, wine cellars, and all kinds of storage cabinets, collectibles can be hidden behind the frosted S-film and can be shown when S-film is transparent.

Smart Healthcare:

S-film can also be applied to glass partitions of the operating room and the nursery room. The room is open when S-film is transparent, and the emergency medical procedure can be hidden behind the frosted S-film. The glass surface is easy to clean, which can avoid the allergy from other materials like cloth and curtains.

Product Features

Low haze  Low voltage  Switching times  Sound insulation
<5% 36 VAC >80 000 000 >35dB

Environmental protection:

it can block almost 98% UV,anti-aging,anti-fade.

Insulation Comparison-s-film Insulation Comparison-s-film
The ordinary glass: reduces 1 degree of the indoor temperature and increases 6% of the air conditioning energy consumption The glass with S-film: reduces UV, IR, and visible lights. When the sun is too strong (getting hot), the film will become frosted immediately to reject the solar energy.

Transparent / opaque switching:

In combination with the liquid crystal and the polymer processing technology, S-film can switch the glass to transparent or opaque state by current control.

Privacy Masking s-film Privacy Masking s-film
Switch: ON Switch: OFF

Environmental / convenient:

S-film is a film with only 0.7mm in thickness which can adhere to any glass surfaces. With repeat repair function, it is also environmental and practical.


Any shape, including holes anywhere.

Privacy Masking s-film

Rear projection:

Smart glass can also be converted into a highly demanded rear projection screen with incredible image quality due to its liquid crystal properties which give high contrast features.

Privacy Masking s-film


Holographic film displays (when transparent).


Smart glass can be joined together forming one large panel controlled by a single switch, ultimately creating a privacy glass wall. Smart glass technology offers a great variety of glass applications are possible.

Curtains provide privacy but block light. Smart Film provides privacy when you want and need it, without darkening the room that you’re in.
energy saving
Energy saving.
Reduce your heating and cooling bills by perfectly controlling the ambient light that enters every room.
diy smart film
DIY install.
Smart Film is as easy to apply as any other laminate: simply cut it to your window’s size before applying it.
z-wave smart film
Z-Wave compatible.
Each section of Smart Film can be powered by the same technology and intelligence that binds all of Z-Wave home automation products.
wifi smart film
WiFi compatible.
Each section of Smart Film can also be powered by WiFi, making it access from your computer network or smart phone.
PDLC Поколение 3GEN
Физические характеристики Цвет Белый
Тип Самоклеющаяся Не самоклеющаяся
Толщина 0.5 мм 0.4 мм
Максимальный размер Ширина: 1.5 м / Длина: 100 м Ширина: 1.8 м / Длина: 100 м
Вес 0.54 кг/м2 0.47 кг/м2
Режим работы ВКЛ: Прозрачный ВЫКЛ: Непрозрачный
Оптические характеристики Пропускание параллельного света >76% (ВКЛ) <3% (ВЫКЛ)
Пропускание УФ (280-380 нм) 17% (ВКЛ) 12% (ВЫКЛ)
Пропускание видимого света (380-780 нм) >81% (ВКЛ) <59% (ВЫКЛ)
Пропускание ИК (780-1400 нм) 84% (ВКЛ) 67% (ВЫКЛ)
Полная блокировка 20% (ВКЛ) 38% (ВЫКЛ)
Мутность <5% (ВКЛ) >95% (ВЫКЛ)
Угол обзора >150°
Минимальное расстояние невидимости ВЫКЛ: 3 см
Характеристики окружающей среды Рабочая температура -20°C ~ 70°C
Температура хранения -20°C ~ 80°C
Влажность хранения <85%
Электрические характеристики Рабочее напряжение 36 ± 4 V (AC,50 – 60 Гц)
Частотный диапазон 50 – 60 Гц
Энергопотребление < 4 Вт на кв.м
Скорость переключения <45 мс
ВЫКЛ ->ВКЛ : <45 миллисекунд / ВКЛ -> ВЫКЛ : <500 миллисекунд
Срок службы Ресурс ВКЛ: >80000 ч
Кол-во переключений >80000000 раз
Характеристики изоляции и стойкости к воздействиям Звукоизоляция >35дБ
Теплоизоляция >Класса 2
Испытание на выстрел из ружья II-1
Вибрационные характеристики Отвечает требованиям
Испытание на отслаивание методом падающего шарика Отвечает требованиям
Теплостойкость Отвечает требованиям
Испытание нагреванием во влажной среде Отвечает требованиям
Стойкость к облучению Отвечает требованиям
Особенности Диммирование Да
Проекционный экран Со стороны проектора: Да / С обратной стороны проектора: Да


Дополнительная информация
Smart Film Technology PDLC 3GEN
Smart Film Thickness 0.40 mm
Smart Film Operation Mode ВКЛ:Прозрачный / ВЫКЛ:Не прозрачный
Smart Film UV Transmittance ON:17%, OFF:12%
Smart Film Total Light Transmittance ON:82%, OFF:59%
Smart Film IR Transmittance ON:84%, OFF:67%
Smart Film Total Obsturct ON:20%, OFF:38%
Smart Film Haze ON<5%, OFF<95%
Smart Film Rated Voltage 36V AC
Smart Film Viewing Angel 150
Внутренняя/наружная установка Indoor, Outdoor
Usage Front & rear projection, Privacy, Heat resistant, Monitor Water Consumption
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